o Use a Smoker Regulator for Better Meat

the Smokin' Ace®
BBQ Pit Regulator

The Smokin Ace BBQ Pit Regulator

The first step to Better BBQ
is a good Smoker Regulator

More than your average temperature control, the Smokin' Ace® takes it back to the old school days. Those days mean when times were simpler and depended less on the waste of electronics and robotic smokers.

The Smokin' Ace BBQ Pit Regulator is an innovative, low-cost mechanical airflow regulator for consumer-grade charcoal and wood-fired BBQ pits, smokers and outdoor cookers.

Regulates Airflow
Regulates Fuel Burn
Controls Temperature
Fully Mechanical
Low Cost
Easy to Use

Like turning your BBQ Pit into an
off-the-grid Oven

Ribs & Briskets, Cake & Biscuits. The Smokin Ace® works so well you can bake a cake in your BBQ pit (no kidding)!.

Goes anywhere you do..

The Smokin' Ace is as portable as your pit and adaptable to most pits, smokers, kettle grills and outdoor cookers.

Have a big smokin' rig at the house, but want to tailgate with your Kettle grille and have that same level of comfort and control? Not a problem.

24-hour Briskets(?)

Yep, we can put up with the long hours if you can, with no more sitting by the fire or getting up to check the temperature, either.

Once the Smokin' Ace is set, you don't have to look at the thermometer to know if your fire needs feeding; just look at the Smokin' Ace from across the yard, on the couch or even from the comfort of you own your bed!

A Texas home-made invention that took home a Gold Medal Jury Award at the biggest international inventor's trade show in the US:INPEX
Gold Certificate and Medal

Patent No. US 8,371,286 B2

Never gamble with your meat®, always have a smokin' ace® in the hole!(TM)

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Never Gamble with your Meat® always have a Smokin' Ace® in the hole.™
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